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The Astronomer's Messier Journal
An Observing Log  Book

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In 1781, French astronomer Charles Messier listed 110 of the most beautiful objects available to amateur observers and their telescopes. Messier was a comet hunter, and his purpose was to provide a list of previously discovered objects that were not comets. Instead, the Messier Catalog marked the start of a new era of deep-sky astronomy, and the tradition of observing the galaxies, clusters, and nebulae on Messier’s list is still alive today.

The Messier Club sponsored by the Astronomical League is the premier observing project for amateur astronomers. This book will provide you with an easy way to log your Messier observations, and will make it easy for you to keep track of your progress as you work your way through the program. In the end, this book will become a valuable reference tool for you, and make it easy for you to submit your observations for certification upon completion of the program.

The Astronomer's Messier Journal is a book that any amateur astronomer pursuing Messier Club Certification will benefit from.

Astronomer's Journal and

Al Observing Programs


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The Astronomer's
Messier Journal


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The Messier Club
Just Got Easier!

Description: The Astronomer's Messier Journal is an 8.5x11 inch soft cover, spiral-bound book with many attractive features.

The Messier Journal consists of 55 log pages containing 2 of the 110 objects on the Messier List on each page. The Messier objects are listed in order by number.

Each listing is already filled in with the essential information on each object, including NGC Number, Right Ascension and Declination, Visual Magnitude, the Type of Object, and the Constellation in which it can be located. There is also a reference image of each object, as well as a constellation map to help you find the object. Right Ascension and Declination have been updated to Epoch 2000. There is plenty of space in each entry to be filled in by the user with a brief description of the object when it is observed.

Each page is printed on heavyweight paper to minimize “see through” characteristics, contains defined fields of entry, and provides generous space for the observer's notes and additional information on the object.

We all know the virtues of writing down what you see and keeping accurate records. The Astronomer's Messier Journal makes it that much easier to successfully complete the Messier Club in an organized and economical way.

Clear skies! Good Observing! Fight light pollution!

 Exclusively from  the American Association of Amateur Astronomers.

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The Astronomer's Journals  

Essential Tools for Serious Observers

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The Astronomer's Messier Journal 
 An Observing Log Book.

The 8.5x11 inch Journal has an attractive cover as illustrated here,
plus pages to log your Messier observations
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Start Keeping an Observing Log

One thing that I have come to realize in regard to this hobby that we love, is that I haven't always developed the good observing habits that I should have. Foremost of the habits I "should have" developed is the practice of keeping a log of my observations. This is one habit that I now intend to develop, because of the huge benefit that this one thing could have done for me as I become more advanced in amateur astronomy. Because I taught myself this hobby from childhood and did not have a mentor to help, I missed out on learning to use this fundamental tool. If I had kept a log all these years, I would have had 35 years worth of notes on all of the objects that I have looked at. What an asset this would have been for my efforts as president of my club, and as contributor to its newsletter. When I write the 'Constellation Close-up' articles, how nice it would be to have such a logbook, rather than just my memory, to rely on. And now that I am supposed to be the "mentor," I find myself encouraging others to do something that I have not done (but I am going to start doing). Therefore, I am going to get a copy of the Astronomer's Messier Journal and Observing Log to help me start doing just that. Please learn from my mistakes, and don't end up years later regretting that you "should have," like I do now. - DK

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A Packet of Observing Programs from the Astronomical League and
A Primer for the Beginning Astronomer Five Lessons to Help You learn the Sky

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