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The Astronomer's Journal
A Packet of AL Observing Programs

Astronomers Journal

Packet of AL Observing Programs

Primer for the Beginning Astronomer

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Set of The Astronomer's Journal and AL Packet

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A Set of the Astronomer's Journal and
a Packet of Observing Programs from the Astronomical League
(Plus Primer for the Beginning Astronomer)

Description: The Astronomer's Journal combined with the Packet of Observing programs from the Astronomical League makes a great way for any observer to make their next astronomical observing project a success. 

The Astronomer's Journal is an 8.5x11 inch soft cover, spiral-bound book with many attractive features. The Journal opens with a blank Table of Contents which is filled in by the user with a brief description of each entry and which works as a valuable reference tool for the book. Each page is printed on heavyweight paper to minimize 'see through' characteristics, contains defined fields of entry, two sketching circles, and generous space for the observer's own notes and additional information on the object. This new addition also contains an Introduction, a Guide to Astronomical Note Taking, and Seeing and Transparency Tables to help you as you make your observations.

A Packet of Observing Programs from the Astronomical League: Observing Programs offer a structured and fun way to study the night sky. The Astronomical League has a complete range of observing programs, from beginning amateur to advanced observer. The AAAA has assembled five of the most popular and accessible of these programs, and an observing form for you to photo copy, into one convenient packet. And we've included our own Primer for the Beginning Astronomer as an extra bonus.
  • Binocular Messier Club
  • Deep Sky Binocular Club
  • Double Star Club
  • Lunar Club
  • Urban Club

The Astronomer's Journal

An Observing Log and Sketch Book 

The Astronomer's Journal is Back. Newly Revised and Updated by the American Association of Amateur Astronomers.

We feel that The Astronomer's Journal is something that every amateur astronomer will benefit from. We all know the virtues of writing down what you see and keeping accurate records. The Astronomer's Journal makes it that much easier to get started down the path of better observing in an organized and economical way.

Once you start using it you'll wonder what you ever did without it. Order yours today!

Clear skies! Good Observing! Fight light pollution! 

Observing is
The Heart of Amateur Astronomy

With the observing programs the AAAA has assembled in our convenient package, you can get started on your next observing project right away. If you already have a telescope, the Lunar Club might be a great place to start, right from your own back yard. If you live in a light polluted city, then you can begin work on the Urban club, which contains a list of the 100 brightest and easiest to find double stars and deep sky objects, including many of the Messier objects. The Urban Club is also a good list of easy objects for beginners and to show off at public star parties. The Double Star Club is a good list for city based astronomers, too. If you have easy access to a dark-sky observing location, start on the Binocular Messier Club and then the Binocular Deep-Sky Club. 

And the Astronomer's Journal makes a great place to record those observations as you work on each certificate.

The Price per Set from AstroMax is $14.00  

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